Bustabits nulled BTC GAME Script Nodejs

Password for extraction is casinocipher

Introducing the authentic script for the BTC Game. The BTC Game stands as a highly sought-after online game, employing only a limited number of platforms due to its specific scenario. This script is meticulously crafted using node.js and incorporates a web socket.

Script Highlights:

  • User login system for enhanced security and personalized experience.
  • Comprehensive user betting statistics to track performance.
  • Efficient withdrawal management, including a real-time user chat feature.
  • Simple installation process for hassle-free setup.
  • BTC Wallet Management Script for streamlined cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Fully automated functionality for seamless operation.
  • Administrative privileges allowing the administrator to modify user details, balances, bots, and bankroll.

Experience the full potential of the BTC Game with this original script, offering a user-friendly interface and comprehensive management features.

Password for extraction is cryptocipher

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