Trading Bot Bittrex, Binance

The Crypto Trading Tool is a bot terminal designed for participating in market pumps and engaging in scalping trading with BTC-XXX pairs.

Password for extraction file is crypto

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Key features of the bot include:

  1. Automatic retrieval of messages from Telegram.
  2. Trading through signal-based mode with advanced message filtering.
  3. Automatic coin identification through text in the clipboard.
  4. Automated analysis of coins to assess their “pump quality.”
  5. A wide range of settings, allowing users to determine under what conditions to buy or avoid purchasing a coin, set relative purchase/sale prices, and more.
  6. Automatic detection of pump initiation.
  7. Manual trading tools, including quick order rearrangement with the mouse, real-time volume distribution visualization, and a coin chart with 1-second resolution displaying all executed orders, including those from other traders.
  8. Provision of pending orders such as Buy Stop (for breakout trading) and Buy (for trading during market dumps without reserving the balance before placing the order).
  9. Stop Loss and Trailing Stop functions.

Introducing Moon bot:

If you are involved in cryptocurrency trading or planning to enter the field, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with Moon bot. This program can be installed on your computer or in the cloud (e.g., VDS, VPS, like Vultr) to enable round-the-clock trading operations. However, please note that Moon bot does not support the Linux operating system and exclusively functions on Windows.

Moon bot is a highly customizable trading bot with automated strategies specifically designed for cryptocurrency trading on exchanges. It is an excellent tool for system and medium-term traders seeking to maximize their profits. Let’s delve into the reasons why traders choose Moon bot, its notable features, and the benefits it offers.

Key Features of Moon bot:

  1. Tick chart functionality that provides a more convenient and real-time monitoring of market changes, allowing for quick reactions and order placement.
  2. Manual scalping feature that facilitates generating significant overall income through numerous small transactions.
  3. Automated buying and selling of cryptocurrencies based on predefined strategies. Users can fine-tune their own strategies or acquire ready-made ones for testing.
  4. Configurable integration with Telegram and Tradingview, enabling the bot to automatically execute deals based on signals received from these platforms.
  5. Trust management option for passive income seekers who prefer to entrust their funds to a trader. The trader will conduct operations on their behalf, deducting a fixed percentage of the profit, while the remainder can be securely stored in their wallet.
  6. High-speed order execution, with transactions being initiated within a fraction of a second after the order is placed. Additionally, Moon bot supports simultaneous trading of up to 40 cryptocurrency pairs.

Password for extraction file is crypto

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